This was originally meant to be a place to put all the things that would remind me of him, all my feelings and such toward him, but...
He's left me.

For context, he still loves me, he said it himself and I still love him more than I can describe but he said we fought too often now, and that we were both too mentally unstable for us to continue to be together.

I still love him more than anything. At times, I don't know what I'm going to do without him. I know we will one day be back together, but that day cannot come soon enough.

In any case, now this is going to be a mixture of the shine and a bit of my vent page.

This was his Discord pfp, which matched with mine, for a while. It matched until the day we... broke up.

The character was from a show called 'Gotham', which we would stay up late and watch together on VC.

It was a Batman show, but funnily enough Batman isn't in it. It's really good (and horrible at the same time), and if you'd want to watch it, it's on MAX right now.

Another thing, the colours of the page. His favourite colours were green and purple, not orange and black.
But I chose this because his favourite Batman characters were Scarecrow and Riddler. He changed his profile picture to Scarecrow after we...

This isn't the picture he's using for his new profile picture, but it always reminded me of him.
We watched this video together, and because of it, I remember we watched this movie called Videodrome. It took us forever because we were using a likely illegal streaming site and it kept glitching and bugging out over Discord.
But it was still really fun.
I would be in my bed, drawing while watching and my heart was so full of excitment and love because I knew he was there with me.
I miss him more than you can imagine.

I miss those times with him.

I only held Him only once.
It made me breathe. It was like overdosing on oxygen, the feeling of pure joy.
I touched His face only once. Our lips met. It felt familier.
I'd only done it once.

But I had kissed Him thousands of times before that in my dreams.
My angel, my entity. He jokingly called me that, a reference to my Non-binary identity.
He doesn't know what I think of Him, how horrible it is to love Him.

He told me He loved me, He kissed me back.
But He doesn't know I'm obsessed with Him. I've told Him as such but I don't think He realises how I worship Him.
He doesn't know.
He doesn't realise that He is the angel to me.

more to come...

Stuff about Him

BPD OSDD-1b Typology ENFP (me) and INTP (Him) compatibility INTP

Stuff He Likes

Gotham Happy Days (song playing) linkage linkage

about Him

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, He was so wonderful


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